Forest Lake Village

Annual Meeting, 2014

Upon Board approval, minutes/summary of the February 22, 2014

meeting will be published.  Please return to this home page for

pertinent information about that annual meeting.

Storm Debris Removal

Our 2014-2015 FLVHA President, Virginia Daley has contacted the County about the debris that lines some areas of Forest Lake Village.  They couldn't give her a date for complete removal as there is too much in the County at this time. They have been notified and will get to it as soon as possible.  Please be careful when approaching that debris.

The County is only responsible for debris that has fallen within the
right-of way.


A Message From Your President and Treasurer:

We received the funds from our escrow account in October 2012. Each homeowner that had contributed to this escrow account was notified to sign a release form.  Those that signed the release forms were issued checks starting on November 12, 2012.

The association has tried to contact all homeowners that contributed to this escrow account with a majority of success.  Should you know any of these former association members, please contact Rosemarie at 706-485-8610: Tammy Adams, Jay Baker, Teresa Barnes, Laura Benefield, Claude Blanton, Nancy Blackberry, L. Crudut, Erin Elson, Joe Finley, Foundation Realty Solution, Jason Jenkins, Claire Livingston, John Peeler, Arlie Roberts, Kevin Sanders, Douglas Shaver, Russell Sheppard, James Smit, James Sullivan, Peggy Thompson, and/or Charles Wagner.